Welcome to Canal Capers website

The West Australian "Canal Capers" group has developed this site to facilitate the exchange of information inhouse.

Membership is free of cost; other than it is expected that members shall add their knowledge and details of their experiences to our data base for the benefit of others within our group.

At some future time, Members will be able to add to and update - in real time - this invaluable store house of all matters relevant to the owning and operating of a canal vessel.

We welcome your perusal of our site - including the "Youtube" videos in our NEWS section. If you wish to pursue additional / more detailed information regarding the many pleasures of navigating the canals and rivers of Europe, then you need to . come to one of our Men's Shed meetings or Picnics / Barbecues -  refer to the NEWS section for details.

Bon Voyage !
P.S. Please note that any coordinates quoted on this web site are based upon WGS 84 [World Geodetic system] and are expressed as Degrees followed by decimal minutes